You've earned it. Skip a loan payment this holiday season.

  • Skip a loan payment in either December or January
  • $35 Processing Fee per skipped payment

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IMPORTANT: Please read this disclosure information before applying.
AGREEMENT: By skipping a loan payment, I/We agree to extend the original term of my loan with One Credit Union by one month, and I/we understand that interest will continue to accrue on my loan during the deferred payment period. I/We understand that any loan payments which have already been made are not eligible for the Skip-A-Pay Program and cannot be deferred. I/We understand that One Credit Union reserves the right to revoke this offer if any of my accounts become delinquent. I/We understand that an incomplete SKIP-A-PAY application will not be processed. I/We will be notified if for any reason OCU will not be able to honor my SKIP-A-PAY request and hold OCU harmless for any consequences resulting from rejection of my request. I/We understand that any GAP or other insurance may be affected by skipping a loan payment and accept the responsibility for verifying with my insurance company/companies regarding their policies before participating in One Credit Union’s SKIP-A-PAY Program. I/We understand that my signature acknowledges acceptance and understanding of all rules related to the SKIP-A-PAY Program, outlined on this form.

The SKIP-A-PAY (SAP) Program is not available on commercial, mortgage, home equity, collection workout loans, overdraft protection line-of-credit, Visa ® Classic or Platinum loan accounts. Loans must have a 6 month satisfactory payment record to qualify for SAP. Eligible loans may only be skipped once within a twelve month period - NOT within a calendar year. One Credit Union reserves the right to deny any SAP requested. Completed SAP forms must be received at least seven (7) business days before the loan payment due date. Member(s) must be in good standing with One Credit Union in order to qualify.

Important Changes to Your Account Terms

The following is a summary of the changes that are being made to your account terms. These changes will take effect on December 01, 2023. For more information or questions, please call us at (800) 578-5024. You have the right to not participate in the Skip-A-Pay program and will not be subjected to any additional fees. You have the right to reject these changes. However, if you do reject these changes you will not be able to participate in the Skip-A-Pay Program. By participating in the Skip-A-Pay Program you accept these changes.

Revised Terms as of 11/15/2023

Skip-A-Pay Fee           $35.00 per Loan

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