Credit Cards

The One CU Visa card is a safe, secure, convenient way to pay for purchases around town and online.

Low rates are just the beginning of your savings. Our cards have ZERO annual fee, ZERO balance transfer fee, and ZERO penalty rate - that's great news if you have ever been late with a payment. Consolidate your credit card debt by transferring your balances today!

At One CU we know you work hard for your money. And we think you should keep more of it, in your wallet, where it belongs. Ready to start (or resume) your application? Apply Now!

Platinum 14.90% Introductory APR - 6 months. 7.40% thereafter
Classic 212.00%

APR is annual percentage rate. No annual fee. Rate is subject to change.  1Platinum Visa has a 4.90% introductory APR for purchases and cash advances for a period of six billing cycles, after which the APR will be 7.40%. Platinum Visa has a 4.90% introductory APR for balance transfers for a period of 12 billing cycles, after which the APR will be 7.40%. The APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.  2Visa Classic has a fixed rate of 12.00% APR for purchases and cash advances. Visa Classic has an introductory 8.90% APR for balance transfers for a period of 12 billing cycles, after which the APR will be 12.00%. Click for full disclosure.  Rates effective 01/01/2017 and are subject to change without notice.

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Both Visa Platinum and Visa Classic are eligible for ScoreCard Rewards.  Earn one point for every dollar spent on your card.

Shop in the ScoreMore Mall and get 2-4x points! Retailers include WalMart, Expedia, The Gap, Lowes, T-Mobile and more.

Using ScoreCard Rewards, exchange points for name brand electronics, furnishings, toys - even travel, airfare, hotels and rental cars.

TIP:Use the "Householding" feature to link multiple cards together to combine points and earn rewards
even faster!

Click here to register your card, manage/redeem your points or shop in the ScoreMore Mall.

Report Lost or Stolen Card (800) 991-4961
Visa Member Support (800) 433-0505
Pay Online/Manage Card Info

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa - To further protect your account, put a password on your card to confirm your identity during online purchases. 

Both Visa Platinum and Visa Classic enjoy these great features:

ZERO Annual Fee
ZERO Balance Transfer Fee - great for consolidating balances from high rate cards!
ZERO Penalty Rate
ZERO Cash Advance Fee
Free Scorecard Rewards
Travel & Emergency Services
Optional Credit Life & Disability Coverage
When you need the best Credit Card, it helps to own a credit union. Unlike a bank, One Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by our members.  So we return our profits back to you through lower Visa rates and perks like ScoreCard Rewards.

At One Credit Union, we work for our members.  How can we help you, Boss?