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ACH & Wire Transfers

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ACH & Wire Transfers

What is ACH?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a way to move money. You should be aware when you make a payment by ACH it will clear your account quickly. Only make or authorize payments when the funds are in your account in order to avoid fees.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is a secure and easy way to quickly move funds between your One Credit Union account and an account at another financial institution. Fees may apply for outgoing wire transfers


Incoming Wires

For wires bringing money to a One CU account, provide this information to the financial institution issuing the transfer:

Receiving Financial Institution TRICORP FCU
2 Ledgeview Drive
Westbrook, Maine
Tricorp Routing & Transit Number  211291666
Further Credit Institution One Credit Union
380 River Street
Springfield, Vermont
One CU Routing & Transit Number 
Final Credit Member Name &
Member Account Number

Outgoing Wires

Please come to any branch to initiate an outgoing wire from your One CU account. You will need to sign a form, and provide the following information:

  • Name and street address of the receiving financial institution
  • Routing and transit number of the receiving financial institution
  • Account holder name, street address, phone number, and account number of the person to receive the funds 
  • A valid ID