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Shop Safely

with Card Controls & Mobile Wallet


Nationally, card fraud increased 53% in recent years.

At One CU, you have the power to protect your debit and credit cards with your Mobile Wallet and SecurLOCK Equip.


Prevent Fraud

Turn your card on or off in real time. If you card is lost or stolen, you can quickly and easily turn your card off. If you find your card, turn it on in moments.


Customize Access

Customize your card access by buying channel. Turn your card on or off for mobile purchases, in store purchases, or ATM use depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.

Receive Alerts

Manage your spending and monitor your card by turning on transaction alerts. You will be notified each time a transaction is made. Nothing will sneak by you!

Set Your Location

Control your card based on your location and lifestyle. You can set limits based on your location, region, or lock international charges. Charges made outside your selected region are denied.