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Youth Accounts

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Youth Accounts

It’s never too early to start teaching good, lifelong financial habits to your kids. At One CU, our Youth Accounts (up to age 18) have a premium rate of 0.15% APY*.

There has never been a better time to start teaching your child about the power of saving. Don't miss out! The minimum to open the account  is $5.

Start Fast. Run Far.

Start early to help build your child's financial future.  Smart habits start young.  Teach your kids how to  manage money by setting and achieving goals.

  • Get Ready.  As your child starts to understand money, whether through an allowance or a birthday check from Nana, teach them how to handle it wisely.  Open a Youth Account to help them save!
  • Set Some Goals. Is there a new toy or gadget on their list? If they do chores for an allowance, how long will it take to achieve their goal?
  • Teach Smart Spending.  Help kids compare items based on price and quality.  Show them how to "shop around" - a great deterrent to impulse buying!

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How much can I save?

How much can you save over time? This calculator will help you determine the future value of a deposit account.

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