High Yield Savings

Achieve your savings goals faster with our High Yield Savings Account. The more you save, the better your rate! AND, that new rate tier applies to your entire balance! This incentive rewards you and keeps you on track to achieve your financial goals faster.

At One Credit Union, we're committed to making your money work as hard as you do, so you can live the life you want, faster.  When you open a High Yield Account with new money, your rate will increase an additional 1%, regardless of what balance tier you may fall in.  We'll keep this extra bonus rate running for 180 days, to jump start your savings.  Check out these rates!

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Deposit RatesAPY *Dividend Rate
High Yield < $10K1.16%1.15%
High Yield < $20K1.16%1.15%
High Yield < $50K1.21%1.20%
High Yield < $75K1.26%1.25%
High Yield < $100K1.36%1.35%
High Yield < $250K1.41%1.40%
High Yield < $500K1.51%1.50%
High Yield < $1MM2.02%2.00%
High Yield > $1MM2.65%2.62%

*APY is annual percentage yield. Rate is dividend rate.  Once a particular tier is met, the dividend rate and annual percentage yield for that balance range will apply to the full balance of your account. No minimum balance required to open an account. Rates effective 02/01/2020 and are subject to change without notice.  To be eligible for this posted rate in the High Yield Tiered Rate Share Account, the account must be opened with new money.  "New money" is defined as funds that were not on deposit at One Credit Union at the time of the most recent statement cycle. The rate will be effective for 180 days. On day 181 the rate will change to the regular High Yield Tiered Rate Shares account rate and you will receive the prevailing tiered rate at the time. If the High Yield Tiered Rate Share Account is not new money, rates are 1.00% less than posted above. One Credit Union reserves the right to discontinue this promotional rate or reinstate it at any time.  

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